ICANDRESS2 contains Fashion Videos from top fashion Influencers,stylists, street photographers, runway shows, fashion designers, and reviews of all areas of the fashion industry. Unlike any other website ICANDRESS2 is a fully dedicated video driven review website. Let your voice be heard through your reviews and comments, all while learning everything about the fashion industry. Get fashion tips on how to style yourself as well as your kids and your pets. The one stop shop where, keeping up with the trends is no longer a secret. Get up to the minute fashion sense at all levels from the biggest brand names to the smallest indie designers. We will be breaking new video reviews, interviews, and bringing the fashion world to the one place where individuality is welcomed and show cased on a daily basis.

This fast paced industry is growing so quickly, one cannot simply keep up. So here is a review site to help you stay on top of what’s hot and trending. Learn where some of the biggest bloggers/ Influencers purchase their clothes, accessories, and footwear. Get to know your favorite bloggers/ Influencers on a personal level. The fashion bloggers/Influencers usually let their style speak for them, but now it’s time to hear them speak for themselves. Let them know how you feel about the information their providing and great advice on how to mix patterns, match colors, and give yourself a well-deserved makeover. We also have styling tutorials on how to design and measure outfits even for your pets. Don’t forget our kid’s page that has some of the cutest youngsters strutting their looks on the streets.

If you want to learn how to be a fashionista keep your eyes glued to our page. Get the look you’ve always wanted now. See how to accessorize your outfits with a couple of key pieces. Then showcase your individual style here and let everyone know ICANDRESS2. Use #ICANDRESS2 hashtag on your social media outlets to get feature on the website. Also look for daily fashion posts from us Dejon & Raquel showing our personal style.